What Comes Next Is the Future

This may sound crazy, folks, but we’re making a documentary film about the web!

For the last year I’ve been carting a DSLR video camera with me around the country to web design conferences, making occasional stops in between destinations where peers in our industry reside. The whole time I’ve been recording interviews with these folks. I asked them questions I wanted to know the answers to about the web, how they arrived at their careers, and what they see happening next.

We’ve already interviewed:

We’ve also got the thumbs up from a number of people we’d like to interview next (with doubtless even more to come). Here’s a short list of some of our additional heroes who have agreed to be interviewed so far:

We’ve taken things about as far as we can under our own power, so now we’re turning to Kickstarter for funding. Take a look at the trailer on our Kickstarter page, or look at the wicked website Matt Braun put together.

You can help us by backing the project and spreading the word on your favorite social networks and blogs and things. 

Don’t you think the web deserves a great movie? We do! So let’s do this thing, people.

– MG


Matt Griffin’s latest post about managing the ever-present call of email, for A List Apart.

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Bearded Shortlisted for Agency of the Year

Bearded has made the 5-company shortlist for agency of the year for the 2014 Net Awards! Last month we were selected as one of 20 companies from thousands of nominations, which was tremendously flattering. Now we can tell you that we’ve also passed the popular vote stage, meaning we’re one of 5 companies that will be vetted by the group of 100 industry judges for the final award.

The whole thing is just mind-boggling for us, when you consider the last five and a half years we’ve spent building Bearded.

Thanks a million to everyone who voted for us. You are awesome, and we owe you one.

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Bearded shirts are back for a limited time. Go get get ‘em!

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